Halfway mark: 2016


{On the streets of Vence, France}

We’re one month away from being halfway through 2016. That’s crazy, right?

Hey 2015.

Whoever said that time flies when you’re having fun was mistaken. Time flies. Period.

This year Peroni will turn three, Ruffino will be five, and well, I’ve decided to stay 27.

And, since we’re living in an era where photo feeds and filters dominate our everyday (hi Instagram and Snapchat), instead of typing you through what we’ve been up to in the last two months, it seems most appropriate to share a few photos.

Ruffino, Angela Morabito

{Enjoying the first 80+ degree day of 2015}

{When the blue glow of your computer or your idevice just won’t do: magazines. Two of my favorites: Phoenix Home & Garden, and LUXE Interiors + Design.}

angela morabito

{The many faces of Ruffino}

{Current obsession: Weekend mornings with avocado and poached egg on toasted italian bread} angela morabito, hiking, arizona, dachshund hiking

{On a 3+ mile hike with Ruffino}

{Peroni getting ready to hit the hiking trail. Small dogs can hike too!}



{Peroni putting his wet nose on the Wet Noses pumpkin dog treats}

It’s October! My absolute favorite month of the entire year. And as retailers know, it’s also the time of year where I spend the most on the things that are also the most disposable (i.e. candles, costumes that dogs grow out of, and food–the human and the dog kind).

Here are a few things that Ruffino, Peroni and I cannot live without:

  • Pumpkin Souffle Candle from Anthropologie (little candle but packs a strong punch)
  • Pumpkin Nutmeg Candle by Nature’s Wick (the kind of candle you can burn for weeks)
  • Pumpkin Dog Treats by Wet Noses (Ruffino is obsessed with raw pumpkin but these wheat free treats are a great alternative)
  • Halloween-themed dog toys from Kyjen (you can always count on Kyjen for holiday-themed toys, but just don’t expect the toys to last you to the actual holiday)
  • Weekends to Die for on the Travel Channel (as much scary as I can take)
  • The phenomenal pumpkin, witch hat and ghost shaped sugar cookies from Barb’s Bakery in Phoneix (a true gem of a bakery)

{Pumpkin shaped sugar cookie from Barb’s Bakery in Phoenix}

{Ruffino doing his best trick for more treats}

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